Q. What is a wrap?

A wrap is a custom designed and digitally printed colour, text, picture, graphic, or logo that can be applied to any surface type using specialty 3M Vinyl products.

Q. Why Wrap your vehicle? 

Vehicle wraps are the most cost efficient way of creating brand awareness and increasing your level of exposure in the market. Our graphics draw instant attention to your business, logo or campaign as their eye catching design stands out on the road amongst factory painted vehicles.

Q. Will the vinyl damage my vehicles paint?

No. Wraps will protect your vehicle from stone chips, UV Rays, and minor scratches. As long as the vinyl is applied to paint that is not scratched, peeling, or corroding it will not damage your vehicle.

Prior to applying any vinyl graphics your vehicle is washed, dried and cleaned using alcohol to ensure no debris is left under the vinyl. A full vehicle wrap can often be completed within a day, whether the vehicle is in our shop or we come to you.

Q. How long does a vinyl wrap last? 

Life expectancy of vinyl can vary depending on the product, manufacturer and the surface it is applied to; however most vehicle wraps last 3-5 years. Specific life expectancy can be given once your wrap has been designed.

Q. Can windows be wrapped 

Yes. Windows can be wrapped using a variety of materials. Depending on your needs a window can wrapped with a frosted film for privacy, logos and lettering can be applied for added branding and perforated window vinyl can be applied to vehicles.

Q. Can you only wrap vehicles?

No. We can wrap almost any surface! Indoor/outdoor, drywall, all flooring and wall finishes, sidewalks, boardwalks, cement, brick, windows and plastics. Contact us with your project needs and we will find a solution for you. Check Out or custom wraps.

Q.   How do I care for my wrap?

It is always recommended that vinyl be hand wash but we know this is very time consuming. Therefore when using a power washer ensure that the nozzle is held at least a foot away from the vinyl and that you do not spray the edges as this will cause your wrap to peel. Absolutely do not take your vehicle through powered car washes as the water pressure is too strong and will cause damage.

Q. I want to get vinyl graphics what’s next?

Step 1: Contact us with your project needs and ideas.

Step 2: The design phase

You can provide us your own graphics or we can work closely with you to ensure that we create a one of kind graphic solution for your project. Once the design is approved by you we will begin printing your project.

Step 3: Installation

Our goal is to make this process as convenient as possible for you. Installations can be done at our location with a vehicle pick up and drop off service or we can come to you. It’s your choice!  No job is too big or too small; from a single vehicle wrap to a Canada wide advertising campaign we have a solution for you.